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Welcome to Vehsgard!

Vehsgard is a fantasy world within a multiverse that combines favorite fantasy and adventure tropes with the continuity provided by this Wiki. It will only become more fleshed out as Dungeon Masters and Players actually play their characters and develop the setting.

For the Dungeon Masters

Please make yourself at home. After your sessions, please update the affected parts of the world or add new elements as necessary. In the future we will have encounters, NPCs, and other session tools available. If there are multiple campaigns happening at once, please take care to de-conflict with each other. Your players may be in the same city as a different group, but their actions may impact each other.

For the Players

Welcome! Player Characters will be regularly updated and over time you'll see them linked to different stories, NPCs, and towns as you complete gaming sessions. If you have any ideas for fleshing out or adding to the world of Vehsgard, please bring them up.


Player Characters

Recurring Non-Player Characters

(Keep in mind that names of continents, regions, and cities are all subject to change)